Mindfulness-based psychotherapy and supervision

Annette Knowles MA

UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

Many people face difficulties and challenges in their lives at one time or another. Perhaps you feel anxious or depressed. Maybe you feel unable to deal with changes in your life, such as losing a job, or a difficult relationship. Or it could be that you are struggling with self critical thoughts or with memories of things that have happened to you in the past.   


Like many people you may also feel that you have to cope alone because those around you don't really understand how things are for you.  But psychotherapy can give you someone to talk to about anything you want, someone who will listen to your experience without judgement and support you in restoring your sense of wellbeing.


I offer mindfulness-based psychotherapy in East Cambridgeshire  where I work one to one with clients on a wide range of issues. You can find out more about the type of therapy I offer here. I also offer individual and group supervision - click here for more information.