Frequently asked questions


How often would we meet?

Normally sessions are once a week although we could meet more frequently if we decided that this would be helpful.


I have a really busy life and I work full time during the day.  How can I fit in psychotherapy?

Subject to availability, I offer morning, lunchtime and evening appointments.


Can I come to psychotherapy if I am taking medication for my mental health or if I have a diagnosed mental health condition?

It is possible to benefit from psychotherapy whether or not you are taking medication or have a diagnosed mental health condition, although there are some exceptions. We can discuss your particular circumstances at our initial session to see if psychotherapy is right for you.


How much does it cost?

I charge £60 per session.


Where could I see you?

At the moment I'm only working online.


How long do sessions last?

Sessions last for one hour.


Will everything I say be treated in confidence?

Everything that happens in our therapy sessions will remain confidential with the following exceptions:

  • I will discuss our work in professional supervision where your identity will be protected and all information treated with respect.  
  • If I had a serious concern regarding your own, or another person's safety.



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