About mindfulness-based psychotherapy

Mindfulness means paying attention to our experience - our thoughts, our emotions and the sensations in our body - with interest, kindness and without judgement. Mindfulness-based psychotherapy combines this practice with an understanding of how our personalities and habits are formed.


As we both listen and pay attention to your experience you may discover how things that happened in the past may be influencing how you feel and behave now. You may find that your feelings and emotions naturally start to change and that old patterns of behaviour gradually drop away to be replaced by more positive ways of relating to yourself and other people. You may also find that you have a fuller sense of who you really are and greater confidence in your own clarity, creativity and kindness.


It is important that we work together in a way that feels right for you. If appropriate, this will include me supporting you in your sexual or gender identity.


The type of therapy I offer is called Core Process Psychotherapy. You can find out more about Core Process Psychotherapy here. 


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